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John looks cute

George: "'Ello, George 'ere. I'm doin this page I guess. Now, I don't know much about John luv, but it goes something like this." (gets out index cards)

George: "John was born in Liverpool." (looks up) "I wus too, but thats beyond the point. His father left him and his mother when he was very little, and his mother brought him to live with his Aunt Mimi." (looks thoughtful) "Aunt Mimi didn't like me much. Well...anyway...when he was 5, his papa tried to take him back, but he changed his mind at the last minute and decided to stay with mum. He didn't see much of his mum though. He went to school like any normal boy, and was the only Beatle to go on to college. He wus very smart, thats a fact. I'll never understand why he stayed in school so long though." (goes back to the cards) "Even if he didn't finish. He was brilliant, but not the best in his class. John would argue with that."

George: "John was pretty much reunited with his mum when he was either 13 or 14. Er...Layla didn't make that clear a'tall. Sorry bout that. And I think she was killed in a car accident when he was 17. That was a very big blow to his life and I don't think he ever really got over it. Poor lad. I remember sittin' with 'im and comforting 'im. Paul wus there too. His uncle also died and it was another sad time for him. Poor John lost so many people."

George: "His Aunt Mimi bought him his guitar, and told him he'd never go any where with it. Well, guess she wus wrong eh? Well, it turns out he did go places and met a lil pudgey lad named Paul McCartney."(starts to laugh) "They became friends and so forth and formed a band. Then Paul introduced John to And at first, John didn't really care much for, but grew on him later, because they became very good friends. And we are, even if John doesn't admit or act like it."

George: "John met his first wife, Cynthia Lennon at college. He called her a "Posh" bird. She was attracted to his wild and dangerous personality. Don't let anyone tell you that opposites don't attract. Even though they were very opposite, they hit off and became inlove. It didn't last forever though, because he divorced Cyn and married Yoko. He did have a lovely child with Cyn, and his name is Julian. He also had a lovely child with Yoko." (looks up thoughtfully and blinks)"There wus no mention of me son in me biography.

"Stop whining George. Your biography was very long!"

George: "Yeah...but you didn't mention Olivia or Dhani. They are important to me, ya know."

"Fine. George married a lady named Olivia after his dirvorce with Pattie and they had a son named Dhani. Better Georgie love?" (smiles affectionatly at George)

George: "Oh, thats fab. Ta Layla."

George: "He was assassinated on Decemeber 9th, 1980...I beleive, by some crazy man. I know whut it's like to be attacked by a crazy man, 'an it's no fun a'tall. I hope it never happens to you. It is so sad to lose such a talented and wonderful person like Johnny. Especially that young in his life. God bless Johnny."

Did you know John's favorite color was green?


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George: "Pictures Of The Rebel."

John Panda Baby

Johnny Tub

"Give us a kiss!"

Are you talking to me?

"No thanks, I'm rhythm guitar and mouth organ."

I feel for you!